Limit Hold’em Poker

Limit holdem Poker is the most popular type of holdem poker, attracting many novice poker players. The reason it’s so popular is because the betting is not too cutthroat. The stakes are not high due to the fact that the wagering is constrained, you will simply compete with little or no money.

If you are betting at a 50c/$1 Limit hold’em Poker game, the wagering will be restricted to increments of 50 cents for the pre-flop and flop, and $1 on the Turn and River rounds.

In Limit poker games the best poker hand generally wins, because players are more likely to remain in the game and cause a showdown. If you were competing in a NL Poker Room players are most likely to fold before the turn or river, than risk squandering a huge piece of their stack.

Tricking in Limit rounds is not very typical, because it is not overly expensive for your opponent to call if he suspects that you are attempting to trick them.

If you are gambling at a low-limit game and you’re handed a great hand you will need to attempt to maintain as many players in the hand as possible. Attempt checking if you are one of the initial to lay a bet, this should trick most bettors into thinking your cards are poor.

The key is to lure as many bets from your opponents without revealing that you’re in a strong position.

In low-limit poker rounds you should be looking for pre-flop hands that are no less than 9s or higher pair, or two big rank unpaired cards.

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